Corporate Responsibility

What corporate responsibility means to Black Sun

At Black Sun, we understand that clients want to do business with a company they trust, and that people want to work for a company who they respect and can rely on, as do our suppliers, therefore we need to look at the way we do business.

At Black Sun we are guided by our values which have led us to always strive to conduct our business in a positive and sustainable manner. We believe that acting responsibly requires a supportive nature to both recognise our stakeholders’ needs and to then address them, which we have found builds trust and long-term partnerships.

Our ambition to achieve this type of relationship with our stakeholders requires us to continually challenge ourselves and re-define our approach. This drives us towards creating inspiring initiatives and targets, which we follow through with tenacity and determination.

Excellence in Corporate Responsibility is a key driver of our company’s success and it underpins everything we do. Our strategy has a long term focus and this means that Corporate Responsibility must be integrated into our priorities and closely aligned with our day-to-day operations and how we run our business.

Our aim is to present our commitment, approach and progress against our objectives to our key stakeholders, and demonstrate that we are dedicated to working towards making Corporate Responsibility an integral part of our interactions with them.

We acknowledge that there are areas for improvement and development, however we have made significant progress in the past year and we are continually improving how we integrate Corporate Responsibility into the heart of our business and working with all of our stakeholders.

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